The following is a breakdown of pricing for our services.  You can customize our services to get the option that is best suited for your wedding day.

Basic Package
Cost - £1500 This includes:
  • 2 camera operators with HD quality cameras and sound recording equipment.
  • arrival of the guests.
  • the arrival of the bride.
  • the wedding ceremony.
  • the signing of the register.
  • the reception/greeting of the guests.
  • cutting of the cake.
  • speeches.
  • the first dance.
  • guests dancing. (two songs)
  • 2 copies of the DVD with printed, personalised covers.
We also have a variety of different services that can be added on top of the Basic Package to suit your individual needs.  These include:
  • preparations of the bride. (£100)
  • preparations of the groom. (£100)
  • guest interviews. (£150)
  • specially edited highlights video.  this would be a much shorter edit of the event and would include professional editing skills, such as the use of slow motion and time lapse techniques. (£300)
  • additional filming after 9pm or the first 3 dances. (£100 per hour)
  • additional DVD copies. (£10 each)
  • basic package video for ipod/iphone/etc. (£200)  this involves the creation of a file that can be easily stored on your computer and downloaded to your portable video device.
  • highlights video for ipod/iphone/etc. (£200)  as with the basic package, but would require you to have first opted for the highlights edit.
With our award winning video team you are assured of receiving superb results everytime.
We have a variety of different services and packages to suit your individual needs.
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